Arabica…Arabic Style

We all know that coffee was discovered in the land of Arabs. however, the Arab style to make coffee is quite different. It is called Gava or Kehva and basically means a ‘brew’.

Traditionally the coffee beans are slightly roasted and finely ground. One boils ground coffee in water for 20 minutes, plenty of ground cardamom is added and the brew is boiled again. some Safforon is added for flavor. It is served in small portions and almost always with dates (the fruit that is).

Instinctively, I will not boil the coffee. So here is my method with some variations.

Boil required amount of water. Add a good amount of crushed ginger and crushed or ground cardamom. These are not just for flavor but one should be able to taste the pungent taste. boil for about 10 minutes. meanwhile in a teapot, add ground coffee (to taste), a bit of cinnamon, a pinch of mint. Add the boiled water along with everything into the teapot, cover with lid and a tea-cozy (to keep it warm). Give it 5 minutes. Pour into cups and enjoy. It does taste good with dates. Trust me.

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What kind of coffee you like?

Now a days I am trying different ways to make a good cup of coffee. I use Maxwell ground coffee in a drip machine at office. At home, I grind beans fresh and:
1. Brew in a drip machine or
2. Use a French Press or
3. Just pour hot water in the cup, give it a few minutes and decant.

But the best I like is cold water brew. Grind a table spoon of beans, put in a pewter, add required amount of cold water, put the lid on and just leave the pot in the cupboard. Next day, after 20-24 hrs, just decant the coffee and drink at the room temperature.

If you have not tried this, please do. You are bound to like it.

What type you find the best?

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Well, today WP notification told me that now 1001 bloggers follow my blob. In reality though, 1001 should be interpreted as a binary number which comes out to be 9. And that is about the right number of bloggers (out of 1001) who actively read and respond to my posts.

I am not complaining because I too follow a lot of blogs but respond to the few I really like. I guess that is the name of the game in this blog-world.

What is your experience? I would like to know.

I do thank all the 1001 bloggers who clicked Follow.

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Painting sans brush

Someone shared this on Facebook. Please spare 10 minutes and enjoy this unique talent.

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Some paintings by kids

Along with calligraphy, the kids also participated in painting competition. The topic was obviously space.
Here is a sample:


And two of my favorites:


O, what imagination!

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Calligraphy by Kids

Today was the last day of Space Week 2014 held at our University. More than 200 kids from schools participated in many events. I will present a few here.

Today’s post is about Calligraphy. Children were asked to draw/write verses from Quran. It was a good display of art.





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Fountains in Tivoli

I simply love fountains and love to photograph them. Following is a cool one inside Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen.

Love it in B&W too:
DSC_8933 copy


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