Cat’s Eye View

When in doubt and out of material, do cat. Our cat has become big, furry and lazy.

My Eye’s View:


And Cat’s Eye View. It was like it is saying, ‘Don’t Disturb Me’.


Let me sleep:



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Shooting at Night

Just returned after attending an engagement. It was arranged in the lawns of a local restaurant. The atmosphere was pleasant. Here are a few shots.

The tress:


A bird house:


Venue from the outside:


And the stage all set for the ceremony to start:



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It rained today

It rained and weather has become very pleasant. My little garden looked fresh and inviting. Some macro shots.




The purple one:


My second favorite of today’s session:


And the favorite shot:


All shots take with Fuji X-E1 and 55mm micro Nikkor. Some sharpening has been done.


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A Barbeque Evening

Recently, during a wedding, the greater family got together and enjoyed a barbeque. We arraanged right on the street as it is a dead end street.

A view from the roof top:


From the ground level:


The station:


Making sure the food is being cooked right:


And complete with a guest:


It was fun and we enjoyed a lot.

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Dhol is a traditional percussion instrument played at festivals, carnivals, weddings etc. At a recent wedding of my niece, the gromm and party came with a Dhol man:


While he plays the Dhol at one side, people dance:



Two days later, on the wedding day, he was right inside the wedding hall doing his thing.


I love the intensity with which he plays the drum.

Although the Dhol Party is hired on payment, there is some thing else which goes on. People pay their tribute by giving money to the Dhol Party. The man who collects the money with name the person in a loud voice (for everyone to hear):


And bags the money:


This is a very interesting part. In villages, people would actually compete as to who gives more money. I guess that they like their name to be shouted loudly. It somehow satisfies the ego.

Old traditions are dying slowly and without cultural support these artists and communities are also vanishing. What used to be the essential part of weddings is now seen less frequently. Worst is the situation for wedding band parties.


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Maid (or Servent) Culture

I know that the culture of hiring a house-maid or a house-servent exists in other socities but it definitely is a way of living in Pakistan. We borrowed the services of this 18+ years old girl for a few days:


She was more than happy to pose for me.  Her name is Misbah.

Almost all those who can afford will hire a help and many of the ladies living in the outskirts of big cities are available for this kind of  job. The maids either work on chore basis on they may stay for the whole day and handle all kinds of chores. It is a social system and is going to stay as long as the younger ones do not get education and do other types of jobs.

It is a matter of give and take. There is a positive side tp it too. Fr example, it is not uncommon for wealthy families to (sort of) adopt a young girl. She will help in the household work and get basic education. The family finally sponsors the marriage even.

Your comments are welcome.

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Special Hot Chips

Hot deep fried potato chips are a favorite snack among the shoppers in Islamabad:


The man holding the tea cup and kettle is another shop keepers who supplies tea to the other shops. They are enjoying this scene:


My nephew is asking his father to buy him chips and his father telling him that it is not healthy.



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