Street Smart Kid

Street Smart Kid

She is a girl who sells flowers outside a shopping mall in Karachi. I requested for a photo but she refused and ran away. After an hour or so we came out of the mall and my friend bought a flower for Rs. 10. I again requested for a photo and this time she was more than happy to pose. Smart kid. No photo for free.

But there is more to it. She along with her siblings sell flowers, prayer books etc outside malls and on the street. Will never see inside of a school. Will keep on supporting herself and her family by selling flowers. If she ever gets married, she will be working even harder. AND we, the fortunate ones, go to the mall, spend thousands on clothes (which we do not need anyway) and on our way back may give her Rs. 10!

Is this fair?

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One comment on “Street Smart Kid
  1. A similar kind of theme I wrote in my this post…..
    Though took the pic not from any camera but by a BlackBerry.

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