Mooda, The Story Teller


Meet Mr. Mehmood commonly known as “Mooda”. He is our village barber and therefore knows everyone in the village AND a great story teller. One will find him in every type of gathering whether happy (like a marriage) of sad (like at a funeral). He would be sitting in the center among the village folks telling stories, gossip, politics. Believe me, he would have a better understanding of Obama’s foreign policy than an average American.

Now, this Mooda is a barber not by choice. It is a family profession, a caste in our rural Punjab. All his brothers, his father, grand father were and his children would be village barbers. Hardly any education. No growth. Has been and would remain a barber and story teller for times to come.

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One comment on “Mooda, The Story Teller
  1. Raza says:

    Haha@ foreign policy. I bet he does.

    You could do quite a few blog posts on the castes in rural Punjab.

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