Ogling: To look at someone lustfully

In Pakistan this is not just a word. Every sane, adult male on the street is duty bound to ogle every female he can lay his eyes upon. Females who cover themselves with ‘burqa’ only deserve a passing glance. But those who show some curves and flesh ask for ogling. There are different types of oglers e.g.

Hunters:- They will sit at some convenient place and ogle. Like this fellow:



Casual:- They will just ogle who ever is in the line of sight:



Me:- I will also ogle but usually find my viewfinder in the way:



Is it dangerous? Not at all. This is a way of life without any further intentions.

I am sure ogling is popular in other cultures/countries but thought I would share.


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4 comments on “Ogling
  1. Wow! Love your street shots,, Dr IQ. Can’t wait to view your blog on my computer.

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Thanks. A comment like that makes my day.

  3. Such a fantastic bunch of pictures here, they really cracked me up!! Oh I LOVE your street photographs!!!

    PS: Indian men are equally good when it comes to ogling:) and we have all varieties here too!!

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