Kinnow Seller

Meet a typical street vendor of Islamabad.


He is selling Kinnow which is a variety of Citrus Fruit. It is very popular in Pakistan and is cultivated in Punjab province. Most of the good produce is exported to other countries though.

The seller seems quite happy as it is almost the end of his stock and he has earned his daily take. In fact he was counting his money when I approached. Unfortunately I could get the candid shot. So to make the best of the situation, I requested him to smile. As I said, he was counting money:


This man get up early in the morning and is at the whole sale fruit market before sun rise. There he buys his kinnows by auction, comes home, sets his mobile bicycle shop and heads towards the streets and or major shopping area of Islamabad. I am sure he makes enough daily to feed his family. Any left overs will be a treat for his kids.

Love these hardworking guys.

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2 comments on “Kinnow Seller
  1. Wow! Simple stories of ordinary people. Looks like it’s been a good day for him. Candid shots of him counting the money would have been great!

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