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A Smart Beggar

Meet a very smart beggar of Islamabad. His right arm is deformed (short with a tiny hand) and he exploits it to beg. Otherwise he is a healthy person. When I tried to photograph him, he immediately hid his arms.

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A Thrash-ing Weekend

Wheat harvest season is almost over in Punjab, Pakistan. It is threshing season now. We spent this weekend in our village for this activity. The harvested (done manually) crop is in the form of bales. A thresher was hired. This

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Curly Hairs

Found this cute kid in the central aisle of the wedding hall during my niece’s marriage. Curly hairs are not common in Pakistan. The kid, dressed up, looked adorable.

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That’s me. During family gatherings I photograph everybody but hardly get photographed. Even when some one does shoot me the output is not very good. This is one of the better portraits.

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A Street Portrait

Met this old man on the street. He is a gatherer and picks up bits and pieces from the garbage and probably sells them or uses them as household fuel. On my request he was happy to pose. I just

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A candid short of a very happy couple. Shot at ‘Jinnah Super Market’, Islamabad. It is one of the main shopping areas in Islamabad. The shops are located around a circle and in the center we have big open air

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The above two fellows are private drivers waiting for the employers who are out there somewhere shopping.  The following is probably just enjoying the people passing. Islamabad is a city inhabited mostly by government officers. Many of them have official

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