Lady in Blue


The above was taken outside Rumi’s mausoleum in Konya, Turkey. I love the dress, it’s color, shoes fit for an old lady, the stick etc. The face is also beautiful. I think she is a regular visitor to the mausoleum. Right now she is resting and getting ready to put on her glasses. May be she also likes to watch other people around as I do or may be she is getting ready to walk to her home. It felt homely by just looking at her.

Hope you enjoy.

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2 comments on “Lady in Blue
  1. Shayan says:

    اول بگیر آن جام مه بر کفه آن پیر نه
    چون مست گردد پیر ده رو سوی مستان ساقیا
    I remind a great poem by Rumi, meaning in english:
    Get the red wine and pour for the eldest of village, when he/she get drunk go for other people…

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Great. I can read Persian, know the meanings of few words but cannot translate a complete sentence. Thanks.

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