Potato Chips Vendor

Meet Musa Khan. He sells potato chips at Super Market Islamabad.


These are deep fried potato wedges and are a popular snack among the shoppers in Islamabad. Loaded with oil, starch, salt and chillies though.

The above was a candid shop. After a while I requested for a portrait and this is how he presented himself.


I requested him to smile and he did:


A fine young man earning an honest living in these tough times. I hope he makes enough to feed his family.

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4 comments on “Potato Chips Vendor
  1. shaunj2013 says:

    Excellent pictures Dr IQ, really like the fact that you have captured the candid portrait and then created a constructed portrait. Great idea.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks a lot. I do my best to make best out of a situation. I admire these guys working hard to earn a living and feel it as a duty to portray their life. Thanks again for encouragement.

  2. cd1972 says:

    Nice photos! I realy like your street photography!

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