Reflected Landscape


This was taken in Hyderabad, Pakistan. I just love the park in front of us reflected so beautifully on the wide window.

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3 comments on “Reflected Landscape
  1. Afotero says:

    I love the tones of your b&w’s

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks a lot. I use GIMP and generally process for this tone as follows:
      -After loading the image (color or b/w), I use the command Colors/Colorize
      -this colorize option brings a dialog where one can set Hue and Saturation. pl note that it is not Hue/Saturation adjustment
      -i usually set Hue to 40 and Saturation to 10.
      -This converts the color image to B/W with a creamy tone.
      (A little more Saturation will be some degree of sepia tone.)
      -Rest is some contrast enhancement using curves etc etc.

      I hope you can translate this into Photo Shop environment (if that is what you use)

      Thanks again

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