Photographers….On the Streets

I almost forgot about these guys. Remember when there used to be several photographers at the tourist spots with a camera and an album (which served as a portfolio). Few tourists had cameras and many liked there photo to be taken by these photographers. Prints came in the mail later.

Then came the Poloroid era. It was fascinating to see your photo taken and image coming to life right in front of your eyes. I guess those were the best days these guys have seen,

And then came the killer…Digital Camera. Now a days every body either have a digital compact or a phone with a camera. So what happened to these photographers. Many changed profession. But few (who could not do anything else) still can been seen at these spots. We have two such spots in Islamabad. I met the following at one of these popular place.


This man carries a cheap digital compact and will take your photo for 50 rupees (50 US cents). He has a printer all set up in one of the tea shops and will give a print in about 20 minutes. I do not know how much he makes in a day. The only thing good is the print.

There was another.


Sorry for a longer post. I could not help but describe this dying (or already dead) profession.

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4 comments on “Photographers….On the Streets
  1. Vassilis says:

    The emotional value of a single photo taken, seemed to enhance the memories of the trip. Now all we do is take photos and enjoy the travel later through the photos. It is really a shame these people are gone.

  2. mbfitzmahan says:

    I used to avoid these guys. Now, I wish I had let them take my photo. And, I wish I had taken their picture, too. Thank you for the fun topic.

  3. Afotero says:

    Great post, it’s sad to see professions die. I hope these guys earn enough to have a good living.

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