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Another Candid

Today I present another candid shot. The person on the left is some local Turk guy and the other two are my colleagues. What I like about this shot is that three persons sharing a common bench and yet so

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A Candid Shot

I love candid shots. To me these are not just random street shots but have a point of focus. These shots show some emotions e.g joy, sorrow, bored-ness, tiredness, action etc. What I like in this shot…The girl is pretty. 

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Istanbul, the Beautiful

I have visited Istanbul several times and just love the place. The most iconic places are the Blue Mosque and Aya Soafia (Haga Sofia). First the Blue Mosque: Lovely architecture, out side and inside, day time or at night: And

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It Rained…It is Romantic…Let it Last

No further explanation needed. Enjoy.

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Children belong to everyone

There is a saying in Urdu which means that children belong to everyone…everyone loves children no matter who’s children they are. This snap was shot in the neighborhood. While everyone is uncomfortable because of heat, she is care free and

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Ice shop

Just imagine the heat here in Pakistan. All I can see and think is Ice, Clouds, Rain etc. What you see here is a road side small ice shop. Up till 70s, few people had refrigerators in their homes. So,

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Watch Out

In this very hot weather I was out side my house for a few minutes only. I was testing my Minolta 45mm lens and just snapped few random shots. On closer inspection I discovered this image. By the way, the

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