A bit culture today. Naswar is moist, crushed tobacco leaves and is used as a snuff. It is popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran etc. In Pakistan, it is used by Pathans (people of North West, along Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iran border) and sold by Pathans.


People put a pinch inside the mouth where it gets mixed with saliva. Quite harmful for oral hygiene. The spit is also messy and dirty. I am a smoker and understand addiction of nicotine. But Naswar is probably the messiest way of getting nicotine dose.


But then this is culture. How can I object?

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6 comments on “Naswar
  1. In the Philippines, we have the “nganga.” from the Areca Palm. Old people here, specially in the Ilocos Region, chew them with other stuff. They give the teeth the red tint… It’s nice to read 🙂

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Thanks for viewing. I have heard of something called ‘Ganja’ which people smoke. Some extract a drink out of it and take it in place of expensive whiskey.

  3. great documentary images

  4. SQ says:

    first time I actually got to see how naswar actually looks like!

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