It rained…Cats and (No)Dogs


Well after a spell of intense heat, it finally rained in Islamabad. I would have loved to say that it rained cats and dogs but so far it has only rained cats.

And I got the cutest of all cats.

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12 comments on “It rained…Cats and (No)Dogs
  1. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    What a beautiful photo.

  2. psychedelhi says:

    Haha…’s been raining horses and elephants here. Nice photograph!

  3. After it rained cats, I am sure that this beautiful feline was very happy that someone like you was there to take her home.

  4. rabirius says:

    Fantastic picture.

  5. Tayyeba says:

    You cat is ADORABLE!

  6. archecotech says:

    It’s clear by her eyes that the air is clean and anew. They are so intense, cats are marvelous creatures.

  7. SQ says:

    Wow… she looks so innocent!

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