The Deg


What you see in this picture are large size cooking pots called ‘Deg”. In the middle of the frame you see three supports on which Deg is placed. These is wood fire underneath. Typically 10-20kg rice (Pilaf, Biryani) or Chicken or Mutton is cooked. 20kf Chicken Pilaf will cost you around $65. This is the main (actuallythe only) way food is cooked during weddings, large gatherings etc.

No Overheads: You see by encroaching the side walk these guys have eliminated a shop overhead:


A close up of Deg:


And the Cook.


I hope you enjoy the post.

PS. You also see them advertising through a banner/poster.

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2 comments on “The Deg
  1. cd1972 says:

    I really like your photos. I can learn a lot about your country!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. I am now beginning to understand as to what seems normal/mundane to me might be quite interesting and informative for the others. And I love the honesty being conveyed through the images.

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