Ice shop


Just imagine the heat here in Pakistan. All I can see and think is Ice, Clouds, Rain etc.

What you see here is a road side small ice shop. Up till 70s, few people had refrigerators in their homes. So, in summer people would buy ice from ice shops. Now we see very few of these shops. What interests me is the fact that, ironically, ice is covered in a quilt to protect it from heat.

Ice, for the first time, was actually transported by ship by the British government for the officers in India.

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4 comments on “Ice shop
  1. soonie2 says:

    How interesting. We used to have ice houses here in the States too. In fact, the weather here today is extremely hot and humid…I’m thinking about ice too!

  2. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I vaguely remember buying ice for our caravan refrigerator when we went on holidays as a small child, but otherwise we’ve always had a fridge in our home.

    My Grandmother (on the family farm) used to hang the meat in a wood & fly-wire ‘safe’ (open box with wire netting to keep off the blowflies in summer), high up in the big pine trees outside the kitchen of the farm house. Butter and dairy products were made daily from the milk and cream (cows were milked every morning and evening on my Grandmother’s farm).

    All home-made food was kept in a large cool room off the main kitchen. It’s amazing what we take for granted in our western world.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks for sharing your memories. In Pakistan you will find a good variation of life styles. There are people who are rich, modern and as westernized as any western would be. And you will find very poor people who still lead a simple and sort of primitive life. Culture and history are real..old and deep rooted. I only show what I encounter in daily life. The best thing about photo-blog is that I do not have to say much. The images speak for themselves. Thanks again for sharing and participating.

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