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A Special Day Today

Today was a special day for me.  After serving for 27 years, I retired and today was my last day at the office. After cooling off for a while, I plan to join a university to teach and do research

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A Flower

Today a quick post of a flower macro. This is one of my favorite flower shots. Taken with Nikkor 135mm lens + Extension tube. Hand held.

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Fuji X-E1 and Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.4 lens

Meet Musa, my youngest. I recently bought three Minolta lenses, 28mm, 45mm and a 58 mm. I regularly use the first two, so decided to snap few shots with 58mm/1.4 lens. The above has been post processed in GIMP, just

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A Beggar in Disguise

This man sells ‘tasbhis’ which are similar to prayer rope. However, if you say no, he will immediately start begging.  These beggars in disguise are the worst kind of exploiters. The ones who beg are at least not trying to

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A Beggar

Shot in front of the Samosa shop. I think I see more beggars during Ramadan. They exploit the situation. This fellow is just like that.

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Iftar … Breakfast in Ramadan (05 images)

As you may know that we, the Muslims, are observing fasting in the current month of Ramadan. The Fast starts from 0330hr in the morning and ends at sun set which is at about 1920 hrs now a days. The

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Ramadan … Half Over

This is yesterday’s moon. Half of Ramadan is over and waist is a notch down. After a week, we will be counting down. Taken hand held with Nikon D40, 100mmE lens with 2x tele-extender.

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