Iftar … Breakfast in Ramadan (05 images)

As you may know that we, the Muslims, are observing fasting in the current month of Ramadan. The Fast starts from 0330hr in the morning and ends at sun set which is at about 1920 hrs now a days. The breakfast is called “Iftar” which means breakfast in Arabic. Many traditional dishes are made daily for Iftar, both at home and in the market. Several road side shops come up during this month. A typical shop looks like this:


The most popular snacks are Samosa and Pakora.


In the foreground you see Samosas and Pakoras are in the background. All items are made of wheat/gram flour and are deep fried in cooking oil. Rolls are also popular.


Another delicacy is “Jalebi” which is sweet. Paste is deep fried in circular shap and then immersed in sugar syrup.


And this particular shop sells Sweets as regular items and is ISO certified!


Hope you enjoy.


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6 comments on “Iftar … Breakfast in Ramadan (05 images)
  1. An ISO certified pakora shop, one of its kind 🙂

  2. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    I love samosas and pakoras and always order some when I have Indian Food. I assume Pakistan’s cooking has the same flavours. I prefer vegetarian samosas (to meat) though. I will think of these roadside stalls as I make chicken curry (Indian recipe) this weekend.

    I’ve never tried making samosas or pakoras because they require deep frying and I don’t have those facilities at home.

    Thanks for sharing part of your community & culture.

  3. Thank you for sharing the information and photos on breakfast during Ramadan. As a western and having not visited a Moslem country, I’ve heard and seen little about Ramadan. You’ve added to my knowledge. I’m also finding your blog to have a cultural content that is valuable to me. Again, thanks.

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