A Beggar in Disguise


This man sells ‘tasbhis’ which are similar to prayer rope. However, if you say no, he will immediately start begging.  These beggars in disguise are the worst kind of exploiters. The ones who beg are at least not trying to deceive you. As there are several types of beggars, there are several types of givers (us) too. I would give something to a beggar if I feel right about him/her. Otherwise I would simply say no. My wife, on the other hand, is a religious type. She would give if begged. No questions and no reservations. Since the beggar is asking in the name of Allah, she honors that. The third kind is interesting. They would argue with the beggar and will try to convince him/her that begging is not right. They would suggest them to go and earn their living.

It is a mad world out there. I am grateful to be on the giving side of the equation.

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