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A Bird and A Cow

A lazy post today. Shot at my village. Advertisements

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Eye Lock Pose (6 images)

While I am at different type of poses, I thought I would share another type I like. I have termed it ‘Eye lock’ pose. Here are six images from my collection. -To start off, I am re-posting my favorite image:

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Catenary Pose

Whenever I see a pose like this, the word ‘catenary’ comes to mind. Just my crazy mind seeing mathematics in everyday life. The four girls are also present in my previous post titled ‘Train Pose’. Enjoy.

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My First Posed Street Portrait of a Stranger

This probably is my first street portrait where I requested a stranger. I liked his hair. I was excited when he said yes and gave a side pose on my request instead of a typical front pose.

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Fashion in Abu Dhabi

From a previous post I tried to convey that ladies mostly wear ‘burqa’ in UAE. A typical example can be seen here. But if you observe closely you will see fashion and style. The fabric, bag, watches, cell phones and

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Shot in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi. I think he noticed me. Anyway, more interesting are the reflections and reflections of the reflections.  If look just below the stroller the man is holding, you will see his reflection. It is being

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Salute the ‘Drone’….Otherwise

State of the art engineering marvel, the American drone. We, in Pakistan, just love it and have special affinity for it. We, therefore, do not mind it visiting us frequently. It is becoming part of our culture. Sorry for a

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