Akbar The Great


Akbar The Great was the third Mughal emperor who ruled India for nearly 50 years. He was born almost in open air (probably in a tent) at the following place near Umar Kot, sind, Pakistan.


It is interesting that the man who would rule for 50 years was born to a homeless father who was running for his life at that time.

It is also interesting the the person you see standing (my good friend, Saud) actually looks like Akbar both features wise and frame wise (at least this is how Akber is portrayed in the movies).

P.S. Akbar was the grandfather of Shahjehan, the emperor who made Taj Mahal.

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2 comments on “Akbar The Great
  1. Hari Qhuang says:

    I watched the movie (starring Hritik Roshan & Ashwarya Rai). Is the movie “accurate” from historical point of view?

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