14th August 2013…Pakistan’s 66th Independence Day


Sixty six years ago, on August 14, 1947, Pakistan appeared on world map when British left India and India was divided into two countries. Up until the end of sixties, Pakistan was doing well, quite well in deed. Then we had a series of corrupt politicians, dictators running the country and everything went down hill. Then came the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and Pakistan was dragged into it. The heros of that time, the mujahidins became terrorists after the Soviets left. After 9/11 things have become even worst. The terror is now inside Pakistan. The government is unable to control their activities. We have power shortage, big time. We have invented a term ‘load shedding’ which means that there would be power off/on times regularly through out day and night and across Pakistan. In the villages the off time could be as long as 18 hours.

So, generally, life is miserable for the public. What do we do? We still love our country and are doing our best to put it on the right track. I have hope in the younger generation.

Pakistan Paindabad.

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4 comments on “14th August 2013…Pakistan’s 66th Independence Day
  1. kiwiskan says:

    Hope is sometimes all we can have…

  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    If we play our part well we can change the picture of the entire country Inshallah we will prosper some day I have a strong believe in “Pakistan”

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