Bangkok #2

As a response to my previous post about Bangkok airport, I realized that some (or many) of the readers have not been to this part of the word. so, here are some close-ups of the snake art-wrok at the airport.

From tail to head shot:


The snake is big, so it has to held from the middle:


The head shot: Well it is multi-headed indeed:


Two close up shots:



Enjoy the colorful art.

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6 comments on “Bangkok #2
  1. Thank you so much for this!! I REALLY enjoyed seeing it in more detail! So intricate and colorful. Fascinating. 😀

  2. Really sharp details.

  3. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    Great shots.
    I found it particularly interesting to see as I’m sure it was not there in 1975 when I was in Bangkok airport.
    In fact I vaguely remember having to go through heavy security and scanners in Bangkok airport. I’m sure there were guards with fairly large guns next to the security scanners at that time and all cases were opened and searched.

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