Black and White Culture


This was shot during an exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The venue was predominantly white. All the Arab males wear white dress and all the females wear black dress. The entire scene is beautiful black and white. I like the simplicity exhibited by these fellows. No matter how rich they are, this is how all of them look. If you look closely, the males wear very normal looking foot ware.

On the other hand, the venue was so white, so neat and clean that it becomes monotonous and even suffocating for people like me. It is a culture different from ours.


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6 comments on “Black and White Culture
  1. Nice visual humour!!

  2. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    I love B & W (in both dress & decorating).

    Or should I say Black & Cream (I’m not keen on stark, sterile white).

    But I also love the brilliant colours of India, Pakistan & the Himalayan region in general.

    I suspect that while you don’t have to sorry about deciding what to wear every day, the black and white might prove boring after a while. I guess I’d still like to have the freedom of choice (in my appearance).

    • Dr_IQ says:

      True. In Pakistan, even the simple cotton dress ladies wear in summer is in colorful prints not to talk about the embroidered variety. I will try to dig out some pictures to post.

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