Fashion in Abu Dhabi

From a previous post I tried to convey that ladies mostly wear ‘burqa’ in UAE. A typical example can be seen here.


But if you observe closely you will see fashion and style. The fabric, bag, watches, cell phones and hair cut etc. all tell us that underneath there is a fully fashionable and style conscious lady.

Those who do not wear ‘burqa’ may exhibit more style.



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11 comments on “Fashion in Abu Dhabi
  1. neihtn2012 says:

    Is it allowed to photograph women like you did?

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Well, these photos are cropped a bit, so I was not that close at it seems. There were many people inside the mall (first photo) as well as outside (second), therefore, it was not a problem. One just needs to be a little discrete and confident. I have visited these countries several time and never had any problem in photographing people.

  2. Handbags, jewelry and shoes (when seen) help tell the uniqueness and individuality. Nice photo.

  3. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    There’s a lot of controversy in Australia about Muslim women wearing the burka in our streets (as it hides what might be means of identifying women). Personally, I can see both sides to the issue – the religious & cultural issue AND the Australian desire for exposure & identification (in crime?).

    There is the other Australian train of thought. If we go to a Muslim country to live, we have to learn the language and comply with the covering up of women in public, so why shouldn’t people from other countries who come here to live, learn English and comply with our dress codes or fashion.

    Personally, I certainly loved the floor length caftan style dress of the 1970s which I wore when travelling overseas. But I don’t like hats or head covering as I get an itchy scalp.

  4. Dr_IQ says:

    In most places around the Muslim world, it is a personal choice.
    In Pakistan you will see all kind of dresses ladies wear. Burqa is the least used piece. Majority would dress modestly though. Covering the head is common but not essential.
    India, Iron should be similar.
    In urban Turkey, you will see both types, completely western style and reasonably Muslim style (a scarf and long coat). A little off the big cities, it becomes completely traditional (please see my previous post about Turkish Ladies).
    In Malayasia, all Muslims ladies will wear modest clothes and almost always a scarf. But then right next to a Muslim lady you will find a native Chinese lady wearing a mini skirt. They know how to co-exist.
    In the Arab world their is no restriction on Foreign nationals, including foreign Muslims. UAE is quite open in this regard as compared to Saudi Arabia.

    These cultural statements are based upon my observations. I may be off. No offense to anyone.

  5. Pratiksha says:

    dats cool… I often see these beautiful ladies at my workplace.. they indeed are very pretty and carry themselves elegantly 🙂 nice clicks

  6. It is interesting looking at these photos. For me, the way that Muslim women dress is just another interpretation of fashion and style. Muslim women who wear the hijab are often adjusting it so it sits ‘just so’. And that is often about style not making sure they are covered up.

    I work in the most racially mixed borough in London, and many of the women I work with spend ages in the ladies lavatories adjusting their hijab and hair. The Muslim women are from so many different countries and it really is a fashion parade.

    It is very different from western dress but when you really observe how the women wear these clothes, they are using them to express themselves and their sense of style.

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