Eye Lock Pose (6 images)

While I am at different type of poses, I thought I would share another type I like. I have termed it ‘Eye lock’ pose. Here are six images from my collection.

-To start off, I am re-posting my favorite image:


-The second is between a brother and a sister:


-At times, more than two persons may be involved:


-It can happen with cat also:


-Amazingly, I was able to shoot a street shot like this also:


-And finally, it may not work all the times:



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15 comments on “Eye Lock Pose (6 images)
  1. Lignum Draco says:

    The first image is wonderful!

  2. rabirius says:

    Great collection of shots.

  3. White Pearl says:

    Awesome Clicks ! Love them all ….

  4. White Pearl says:

    Awesome Clicks ! Love them all ….The way you edit them is beautiful

  5. kiwiskan says:

    eyes carrying love…

  6. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    I like that first image very much also.
    Not only the pose, but the light and DOF is excellent too.

  7. Imelda says:

    Beautiful beautiful. 🙂

  8. What a great theme. I’m going to have a go at some ‘Eye lock poses’!

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