Engagement—The Event—The Culture

Yesterday I posted about the engagement of my son. It was mainly to report the event and gather congratulations (which I got plenty). This post is about the cultural aspects.

Marriage in Pakistan is usually split into different, but flexible, events.

-Word of Mouth: The families meet each other and approve. That is informal engagement.

-Some then go through a formal engagement ceremony. It could be simple or a bit elaborated. We went for the elaborated one. Some people do not bother to go through the event.

-The marriage is usually a three day activity. I will explain that in some future post.

So, this is how a formal engagement ceremony goes. (It is very similar to the wedding ceremony).

-First to reach at the venue is the girl’s family. They are the hosts of the event. Other guests may arrive a bit after the stated time.

-The boy’s family arrives at the venue and is received by the girl’s family.

-The boy sits on the designated bridal sofa, usually with a friend.


The one on the right is my son.

-The girl with her family and friends then enters the hall and the couple then sits together.


-Cameras click.


This is me, actually trying to capture the couple’s eye view.


-Then all invited families give some token gift to the girls or boy or to both. Generally it is cash.


-This activity takes quite a while. Photographs are constantly being taken. Each family tries a photo like the next one.


Standing from right are, myself, my younger son, my daughter and my wife.

-Food is served after this.

-The guest may now either stay for a while or leave at their convenience. the atmosphere is now more relaxed.

-We had some dancing by the kids.


-Friends and or cousins or families continue to get photographed.


-And I am capturing some informal and candid moments.


Hope you enjoy.


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9 comments on “Engagement—The Event—The Culture
  1. Nice to learn of the customs of others. MM šŸ€

  2. kiwiskan says:

    Love the dancing – everyone looks more relaxed. The photographers look totally scary. How well did the engaged couple know each other before this moment?

  3. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these and the details of the engagement day. Lovely photos and very interesting to read. Will look forward to the actual wedding day.

  4. Neeli says:

    thank u so much for sharing those pics.. they are as usual awesome… šŸ™‚ they dont exchange rings?????????

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