Fuji X-E1 and Nikkon 100mm Series E Lens (8 images)

Today I got hold of my younger son, Musa and his cat and tested my trusted Nikon 100mm f/2.8 Series E lens on Fuji X-E1. I know that the lens performs beautifully on my Nikon D-40 DSLR. The following 9 images show how Fuji X-E1 mates with it. No pixel peeping—just portraits.

Indoor shots


B/W  (in camera)



And some outdoor shots:



Musa with his cat:


And the cat:


In B&W:


This is my favorite lens. Hope you enjoy.

Any feedback is most welcome.

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5 comments on “Fuji X-E1 and Nikkon 100mm Series E Lens (8 images)
  1. victoriaaphotographyictoria says:

    What beautiful coloured eyes the cat has.
    I think that is my favourite image.

  2. Hari Qhuang says:

    The cat is so gorgeous!
    I love the facial expression of your son. He seemed “amused”. Every time I tried to photograph my cousin, she gives me an expression like that. 😀

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