Size does matter


Transporting bamboo poles. This is even strange for me although we see many strange things happening on the road. Even more strange is the fact that the police has stopped the vehicle.

Notice the yellow cloth/flag at the rare of the poles. Well that is to warn the driver of the vehicle following this while on the road. How about that for a safety code.


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6 comments on “Size does matter
  1. psychedelhi says:

    I like the way you present your photos. Your sense of humor is addictive 😀

  2. Joe says:

    Why did they stop him the poles were only overhanging by a couple hundred feet, LOL. Great shot.

  3. archecotech says:

    What a perfect place to get this photo, the sign behind is huge. Give’s an idea as to length of the poles. This is the kind of stuff I see here too, at times. Crazy.

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