Eid-al-Adha … The Feast

For the first two days of the festival we were too busy and too tired. On the third day we decided to enjoy a traditional family feast.


This and the next shot were taken from the roof top.


The above shot is quite dynamic and my favorite.

We usually do bar-b-que for this day but this time we decided to make beef kebabs by shallow frying minced meat.

People had to wait for their turn.


Oh, but he could not wait.


Although it remains a male-cooking day, for a change but the ladies also help out (out of habit).


We had lot of fun. Hope you enjoy just by looking.

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3 comments on “Eid-al-Adha … The Feast
  1. Victoria says:

    It’s like looking at the Pakistani version of our Australian family BBQ. The clothes and courtyard may be different, but the theme is the same. Socialising and waiting for the meat to cook.

  2. Maryam Jamil says:

    Happy Belated Eid Mubarak

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