Threads in Color

Visited a ladies tailor shop the other day. A good number of thread reels in every possible color were displayed on the wall. What a delightful sight.


What is more interesting is that these threads are made in Pakistan and not China. It is a miracle that this industry has survived the Chinese invasion.


One rack was reserved for laces and ribbons.


Custom made clothes are still popular among the ladies.


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8 comments on “Threads in Color
  1. Joe says:

    You shocked me with all this color today, LOL. I am so used to you doing toned black and whites my eyes almost popped out with this intense color. Nice work.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Joe. Although I do convert color images to black and white, I love b&w output from my Lumix LX5 and Fuji XE1. Sometimes the color is what I want to show.
      Sorry for the color shock. But then one’s eyes need some exercise once in a while.

  2. Victoria says:

    Yes, it is amazing that they’re not from China.

    Our Australian fashion industry can’t compete with the cheaper labour in China. I used to work in the Fashion Industry some 40 years ago. Only the more exclusive designs are still made here nowadays.

  3. A wonderful study of pattern and colour! We’d love to see more!

  4. The first photo has nice composition. The colors a very pleasant.

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