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Happy New Year


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Some Family Fun

During a family get together we, the elders, were recalling some silly things which we did or happened to us when we were kids. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed: I think the kids enjoyed more listing to these anecdotes. These type gathering

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Posed & Post-Posed

I was trying to take a portrait shot of my niece, Aiman. Now, it was difficult for her keep still and composed. After some effort she obliged. She was probably holding her breath while posing because the moment she head

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Twirling/Swirling/Whirling Photo Shoot

Last time we were at the family get together, I asked my nieces to spin around so that I may capture their hair flowing. Some of the better shots are the subject of this post. Zulal had beautiful flow. The

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Kipon Fail

I had ordered Zeiss ZM 21mm f/4.5 lens and a Kipon adapter to mount the lens on my Fuji X-E1 camera. After much waiting and dreaming, today I received the goods. The items were bought in China by a friend

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A very long and narrow alley

Discovered this, a very long and narrow alley in the older part of the city. Interestingly, the alley is at a significantly lower level than the road. Obviously, that was the level once. Over the years, the roads become higher

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Don’t get me wrong. This is proper English. I saw a couple of cocks after a very long time. The first one was outside a shop and kept under a cage. The light was harsh but sun felt good. Then

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