Fun with camera blur

Had some fun with camera blur (as opposed to motion blur). I set the shutter speed to a slow value like 2 seconds. Took several pictures. During the exposure, rotated (spinning) the camera wildly. Following are some of the shots.


With practice I learned to keep the camera still at the end of the exposure to get a relatively sharp scene.


A little more time given to the still part.


And you can start with a still motion followed by spin and end with a still to get two sharper images.


And the funny part is that the camera sensor with keeps track of the orientation (portrait or landscape) was totally confused.

I had lots of fun. hope you enjoy.

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4 comments on “Fun with camera blur
  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says:

    Love that first shot – looks like a work of art.
    (not the others so much though).

  2. juromalazo says:

    Fun experiment! Like Vicki, I think the first shot looks like a work of art (other than photography).

    The fourth looks like a multiple exposure shot.

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