Balancing Improvisation

Here is another act of balancing while driving:


Disregarding the biker ib the foreground, take a closer look:


What a country!

Shot witch Fuji X-E1 and Zeiss 21/4.5 lens.


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2 comments on “Balancing Improvisation
  1. What can you carry on a motor scooter? This could be a wonderful series. While living in Taiwan the most challenging thing I saw being carried on a motor scooter was a full size door. The driver had it cross ways in the well of the scooter. It made the scooter as wide as car but the driver was going down the middle of the street. The funnest one was three dogs on a motor scooter. One large dog in the well, one large dog balanced on the back seat and a smaller dog in the basket in front of the handlebars. I look forward to seeing more photos as the last two postings.

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Thanks. Vespa used to be popular but no more. Bikes are usually 70cc and 125cc here. I have seen/posted people carrying goats, entire family etc. Will keep an eye whenever I am on the road. The roads here never disappoint me.

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