Village Girls at the Wedding

At the wedding I posted yesterday, I shot several kids. To keep this post short, I will present little girls today. Boys will be featured tomorrow.

The opening photo is of my niece. She is not a village girl but is my favorite niece.


Next is niece of the bride:


With her elder sister:


And the rest:






And finally an interesting character:


For the entire day she was roaming around carrying this empty tin of paint. That is her toy. Lovely.

I converted all pictures to B & W to force the viewers to appreciate the simple beauty of these girls. I wish all of them to get get good education and better future.


All photos shot with Fuji X-E1. Lenses were a mix.

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18 comments on “Village Girls at the Wedding
  1. Some lovely shots there Doctor. MM 🍀

  2. Joe says:

    Wonderful photo, she is sooo cute 😀

  3. Mike Pratt says:

    There are some excellent shots here, the second being my favorite. A very classic looking portrait that feels very much like film.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Mike.
      You have a very good eye. These pictures were taken at NegHi (I think it means Negative High) film setting of Fuji X-E1. But the magic came in the post processing. I used Film Emulations filter plug in found in GMIC plugIn in GIMP. This brilliant filter has been developed by Pat David. I just love the Rollie Retro 100 Tonal emulation.
      Try it if you have GIMP.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

  4. psychedelhi says:

    Wonderful portraits! Liked them all.

  5. Very nice series. There costumes look to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Please extend my congratulations to the newly weds.

  6. Hari Qhuang says:

    The first photo reminds me of myself. I always look like that after I eat a bar of chocolate. 😀
    Some parts of me never grows up! Ha ha ha

  7. Naveed Ijaz says:

    Nice to watch Sir Ihtzaz!

  8. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Wonderful photos. The girl with the tin pail as a toy: that breaks my heart.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. About the girl; well, she has a family but like many, live a simple life. And she was ‘playing’, which means just carrying the pail around, all alone. Not really mixing with the other girls.

  9. Your portraits are amazing–the personality of the photographer is reflected in the eyes of his subjects. You put them at ease and let them be themselves.

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