And the Boys at the Wedding

In continuation to my yesterday’s post, today I present portraits of village boys.

Opening with my nephew, who is not a village boy:


Son of  cousin who lives next door to our house:


A posed shot:


A candid shot, also son of a cousin:


The next I like very much. Great pose:


And, I saved the ultimate character for the last.

A perfectly normal kid but the moment my nephew asked to photograph him, he transformed:


What a cute scene. Everyone was laughing at his intense pose. But he did not even blink. Just took is too seriously:


But finally I made him smile…and what a smile:


We enjoyed the session and I hope you enjoy.

All shots taken with Fuji X-E1 and a mix of lenses.

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11 comments on “And the Boys at the Wedding
  1. Mike Pratt says:

    Your doings some really nice portrait work. I really like this set of images; they all have a special quality and each has the potential to tell a different story.

  2. Yes, very much enjoyed see the children from today and yesterday. The last photo is really wonderful.

  3. These kids are so cute! You have an enormous talent for portraits!

  4. Naveed Ijaz says:

    Last kid is my nephew, Abdullah Imran Ejaz. Superb Shots Sir!

  5. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Great photos of really cute kids! Like you, I’m very fond of the photo of the boy wearing the shirt with horizontal stripes. And the boy in the last three: full of spirit!

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