A Village Bicycle

Spotted this bicycle in a street in my village.


The yellow tape is reflecting type and glows in dark when hit by light. The owner probably commutes to the city everyday and it becomes dark on his way back. It also involves using highway as well as a less traveled road.

Take a closer look:


The red seat is for kids. So this is a family transport vehicle. I like the little seat complete with a seat cover decorated with yellow lace. At the front you can see extra shock absorbing rods. This mans cares about his safty.

And rider’s POV:


The yellow pieces of rubber pipe on the brake levers are for added grip.

The bicycle is quite old vintage but functional.


Taken with Fuji X-E1 and Zeiss 21/4.5 lens.

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5 comments on “A Village Bicycle
  1. This bike has seen a lot of kilometers. It seems not only functional but an important part of the owner’s family. Thanks for taking such detailed images. Most of use would just pass it by.

  2. neihtn2012 says:

    Those old bikes last forever…

  3. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Great photos; cool bike!

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