The Culture of Beauty Parlors


When I got married some time ago, a long time ago, there were hardly any beauty parlors around. The bride and other girls would get ready for the wedding at home. The bride would do the make-up either herself or with the help of some friend. Things were simple. And then, out of nowhere, this culture of beauty parlors crept in our society. Now a days every bride must (almost) get ready in a beauty parlor. One pays to get coated with all sorts of chemicals. Big parlors have signature make-up looks with the result that every bride looks the same. I am not kidding. The poor groom gets a life time shock in the morning when he sees the sweetheart.

I do not understand this. Do you?

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6 comments on “The Culture of Beauty Parlors
  1. Vicki says:

    Yes, I understand it (as most females want to make the most of their looks). And if they’re not exactly beautiful, the experts at a beauty parlour can paint almost any face to look beautiful.

    The sad part about painting one’s face is that when the groom wakes up the morning after the wedding, he is shocked to see a complete stranger (if he hasn’t seen his bride without make-up before).

    About 25 years ago, my then boyfriend who had never seen me without make-up and perfectly groomed, suddenly saw me as I actually look and make the remark “My God you look different without make-up – you’re not even attractive!” Needless to say, I never went out with that man again – not because he had seen me without make-up, but because he was so rude and insensitive to basically tell me……out loud…… I was ‘ugly”.

    So what’s a girl to do when she’s born ‘plain and unattractive’ and has a Mother who takes every opportunity to criticise her daughter’s looks?

    Buy make-up and/or go to the beauty parlour, of course.

    In modern western cities, the media bombard us with pictures of the ‘perfect’ face and body and we, the unattractive or plain females, can’t help but want to look more like the perfec model (in our bid to attract the opposite sex).

    Thank goodness I’m now old enough to be past a lot of that nonsense – well most of it, anyway.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. One thing I do know is that marriages between those where one or both are not out of Greek Mythology usually last. When one accepts someone who is not 10/10, he or she is actually accepting the inner beauty in the partner.

      Anyway, this culture bugs me and what better way there is than to blog it out?

  2. Not really! My daughter-in-law looked like a beauty queen after her time in the beauty parlour in Senegal! Put amy wedding into my blog and you’ll see ! 🙂

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks for the comment. Different experiences and different opinions. That is the fun. I some how like the so called ‘party make up’ which is lighter as compared to the bridal make up. And then may be we just over do it here in Pakistan.

  3. Great photo and commentary. Sad to say, but I think this is just a consequence of living in a world that puts “beauty” high on the list, almost above everything else! Thanks for sharing this.

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