Pollution : Nature :: Beast : Beauty

First a shot of beautiful nature:


I just loved the intricate and beautiful handiwork of the bird:


After admiring this piece, I was attracted to very nice thorns and bark’s texture on the tree:


Butt look closely at the upper left of the image:


Ah, the beast of pollution.

Up till early 80s, we were using paper bags, cotton bags and even baskets to carry grocery etc. But then came the convenience of plastic bags. Now we even buy fresh milk in plastic bags.

I kept on thinking that this plastic could have fallen on the nest and block the entrance. We are the third world. People don’t feel their responsibility. We also live in a free country and can do whatever we fancy.

Let us hope it changes.

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8 comments on “Pollution : Nature :: Beast : Beauty
  1. Belinda says:

    According to the lovely nestbuidling shown in your post. I take the opportunity to show you another nest builder to be found in the given link. (p.s. no plastic here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great post IQ!
    Kind regards

  2. Unfortunately, a worldwide problem. You would think that the U.S. has resolved this issue but NO. Although some stores have discontinued plastic bags, most continue to use them to bag groceries.

  3. Vicki says:

    I have to admit I hate plastic bags – they seem to breed like flies or rabbits.

    Give me a brown paper bag any day.

    Fortunately, many stores in Australia now charge you a small fee for plastic bags – here’s hoping this encourages more people to recycle.

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