One More Flower

One more flower shot today. Spring is around the corner and flower photography is one of my favorite activities.

1. Cropped and Converted:

DSCF6371crop - Copyp

2. Putting the color back:


3: And de-cropping



Shot with Fuji X-E1 and Zeiss 21/4.5 lens.

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6 comments on “One More Flower
  1. The result works for me, some flowers shine in B&W.

  2. Dr_IQ says:

    Thanks Victor for a prompt feedback. I enjoy playing with conversions.

  3. MJWC1 says:

    These are lovely. I like black and white flowers. I think sometimes we let the beauty of a flower’s colours hide from us the beauty of its form – black and white reveals that form. Nicely done.

  4. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Very nice! I love the monochrome, and I appreciate the series showing the steps that you took.

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