Micro Pollution

My neighbor sold his house a couple of months ago. The new owner decided to do some renovation including the facade.


What does this mean to me. Well, first they demolished the front of the house using sledge hammers. It meant a lot of noise, vibrations, debris and cement dust. I get my fair share of it free of cost. The dust settled in my front lawn and on the plants.


After a few rains, the damage is permanent, I think. I do not think I can just wash off the cement now.


Pakistan is a free country and we enjoy living a life full of surprises and adventure.


Shot with Fuji X-E1, Zeiss 21/4.5 and my Nikkor Micro rig.

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9 comments on “Micro Pollution
  1. mingophoto says:

    Great, you don’t lost your humor!

  2. My sympathy on all of the dust and noise. When we lived in Taiwan it was very common for someone to buy an apartment in a large building and completely gut it. Since buildings are made of concrete the noise and dust from the jack hammers would drive everyone from the building. Since most eventually did this everyone was tolerant. I hope there are good tea/coffee shops nearby. That is usually where we would retreat to.

  3. Vicki says:

    Sorry to hear about all that cement, dust, noise and pollution.

    Sounds like you poor garden took a real ‘beating’. You never know – it might recover when the new shoots overtake those that are destroyed by cement. Perhaps if you cut off all the damaged branches, fresh new ones will take over completely.

  4. Great shots and environmental study!

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