Mother’s Care

Spotted this elderly couple across the road:

DSCF6830 - Copy

The old man spotted me talking the shot and tele-posed:

DSCF6831 - Copy

(The above has been cropped for better view)

Now, by looking at their ages, I understand that the old lady is the mother of the old man. What a lovely scene and a great old man taking care of his mother.

That is culture and family values most of us cherish here in Pakistan.


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8 comments on “Mother’s Care
  1. Vicki says:

    A lovely moment captured.
    So many western families lack that family caring & respect.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Vicki. Joint family system (for the most part) and taking care of one’s parents till the end is among the likable aspects in our social structure.

  2. Mike Pratt says:

    Wonderful moment. I really like the expressions here – his smile and hers is somewhat unsure. Nice one.

  3. Bob Mills says:

    The warmth of tradition! Nice images

  4. Dr. IQ, thank you for sharing these photos and cultural comments.

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