School Boys

So, I visited my village on Thursday to attend a marriage ceremony. Met few kids just outside the school located on the road.


These kids come from a nearby village as they do not have a school in their village. I had a little chat with them and they were happy to be photographed.

The leader type:


The talkative type:


The shy type. He was standing at a distance from me:


And I just loved to chat with the leader.



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12 comments on “School Boys
  1. Mike Pratt says:

    Excellent series of portraits. You’ve captured their expressions nicely.

  2. Love these candid shots.

  3. Great portraits, very candid & captures the moment. The last one is my favourite but they are all very good.

  4. A very nice series of portraits. You’ve captured their different personalities.

  5. Excellent set of images, the kids seem to have great personalities.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. While shooting, I was chatting with them and could sense the different personalities and hence I gave them appropriate titles.

  6. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    These are superb. I very, very much appreciate the warmth of your photographs. Your kind heart is always on display.

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