Wedding–Step by Step–Nikkah (Step 1)

A wedding in Pakistan is a very traditional activity spread over a few days. I have attended weddings of two of my nephews in the last week. Both are brothers and get married at a day’s difference.

Nikkah: The first step is the Nikkah. Religiously a Muslim is considered married when the boy and girl declare in front of prescribed witnesses that they are married. Period.

But traditionally and legally the ceremony is conducted by a man of religion and the marriage is documented at the local office.

Nikkah of both brothers, Aqeel and Munib was on the same day:

Guests from both sides get together:


After the ‘I do, I do…’ step, the boys sign the papers.


And the younger brother:


Usually, this is done on the day of wedding. However, we opted for this to do a few days early. In this case the brides signed the papers at their homes and authorize somebody (father, uncle) to act on her behalf during the final phase of the Nikkah.

The witnesses also sign the papers:




And they are legally married. But not wedded yet. We had lunch after the Nikkah:


I will cover rest of the steps in subsequent posts.



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7 comments on “Wedding–Step by Step–Nikkah (Step 1)
  1. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. My knowledge keeps expanding as a result of your willingness to share.

  2. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Thank you, kind sir. It is always very good to learn about other ways of doing things.

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