Wedding… The Main Event

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So, after Mehndi, the big day arrives. The guests (not all) gather at boys house and the procession from there to wedding venue. The vehicle is decorated:


The girl’s side is supposed to be at the venue to receive the guests. The reception is hosted by the bride’s parents.


Girls sprinkle rose petals on the guests to welcome them:


The sits with his friends or brothers and every one settles down. Some light refreshment may be offered.

Meanwhile, the bride is in the bridal room with her friends. She is then brought to the center stage:


Usually, Nikkah is performed here. However, we already had gone through it earlier.

So, what to do? Friend and relatives come one family at a time, give some gift or cash to the couple and pose for a picture:


Girl’s father presents a watch to the groom:


This goes on for a while until the food is announced. Everyone eats and basically that is it. Guests start to leave. At the end, the groom and his family also leave along with the bride.

On our way back from our village, we stopped at my second village (my mother’s and my wife’s native village). There we have an old room with very old weathered doors and we went specifically to do an informal photo shoot:




Had lots of relaxed fun:


And funny too:


And she will kill me for this:


After we reach home, we do some more photography:


Tired? Yes, so we also leave.

I hope you enjoy.

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5 comments on “Wedding… The Main Event
  1. Yes, she will probably kill you šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, I enjoyed this three part series on weddings very much. Thank you!

  3. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Superb photographs.

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