Ridah … An aspiring photographer

Meet Ridha, my niece. She has just started to do events such as weddings professionally:


That means that during family functions, I do not have to cover formally. Let me show her in action:


She is a nice and friendly girl:


And works hard to get the job done:



Has to put up with kids:


Her body language is right:


And instead of changing lenses frequently, uses different cameras:


Ah, manual focusing is not every one’s forte:


She also maintains a facebook page:


I thought I will encourage her by doing a post about her.

I hope you enjoy.

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21 comments on “Ridah … An aspiring photographer
  1. LFFL says:

    Look at all those CAMERAS you have!! Wow.

  2. It is fun taking pictures of people taking pictures. Not changing lens makes sense but the weight of all those bodies must be tiring. She must be very flexible to have the knowledge and experience to work with three different brands of cameras. It makes it difficult to change lens with three different bodies. Nice series.

  3. Vicki says:

    Lovely photos of your niece.

    I agree with her about having more than one camera body (so she doesn’t have to change lenses). She might find it helps to have a very small bag on wheels to carry here 2 spare cameras, although that wouldn’t be helpful in crowded social functions.

    As to myself, I’ve found it very helpful when I’m walking around outdoors to have the two camera bodies and just swapping from one to the other. Only thing is that one still has to swap tripod attachments if you want to use both camera bodies on a tripod that same afternoon. Since I rarely take a tripod out these days, that really isn’t a problem for me.

  4. arslion says:

    Nice !! keep it up !!

  5. ridziii says:

    Wonderful! I am honored to be one of your blog entries. Thanks for the appreciation!

  6. Taking pictures of people’s weddings is really a tough job! I wish her well.

  7. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    This is just totally awesome. Please convey to her my deep appreciation for her work. And please ask her to advise her uncle that he is a true gentleman.

  8. themofman says:

    Good girl, and good work.

  9. I can see that she really enjoys her work!!

  10. samina tahir says:

    she is an inspiration to my daughter….. talented girl.. I wish her all the best .

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