Special Hot Chips

Hot deep fried potato chips are a favorite snack among the shoppers in Islamabad:


The man holding the tea cup and kettle is another shop keepers who supplies tea to the other shops. They are enjoying this scene:


My nephew is asking his father to buy him chips and his father telling him that it is not healthy.



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4 comments on “Special Hot Chips
  1. Very nice narrative and capture of your nephew pleading.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks sir. I am glad you liked it. Actually I am running out of fresh street material. So, either I resort to archives or present family pictures. As I am teaching two courses in this term, I am busy round the week. Hope it will pass soon.

  2. Vicki says:

    I love hot deep-fried chips too. Fortunately, for my diet, there are no good shops/sellers near my home.

    As to running out of fresh street material. I thought I had too, but each trip to the city centre shopping seems to find one or two street photos pop up every time. You might like to try some closeups of their hands or food they’re cooking. That might be a nice change of photography subject for you. I love the character lines in hands. And I love close-ups of food.

    I like to see the villagers in your country as their attire and modes of transport are so different to ours here in Australia.

    I love seeing the dress worn by your family at social occasions too. To be honest, everything you post looks interesting to me.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Vicki. I t is true that I get enough material on any trip outside. It is just that I am too bust and unable to go out.
      I am glad that you like the posts. I do my best to portray the culture and simple lives we live here.

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