Maid (or Servent) Culture

I know that the culture of hiring a house-maid or a house-servent exists in other socities but it definitely is a way of living in Pakistan. We borrowed the services of this 18+ years old girl for a few days:


She was more than happy to pose for me.  Her name is Misbah.

Almost all those who can afford will hire a help and many of the ladies living in the outskirts of big cities are available for this kind of  job. The maids either work on chore basis on they may stay for the whole day and handle all kinds of chores. It is a social system and is going to stay as long as the younger ones do not get education and do other types of jobs.

It is a matter of give and take. There is a positive side tp it too. Fr example, it is not uncommon for wealthy families to (sort of) adopt a young girl. She will help in the household work and get basic education. The family finally sponsors the marriage even.

Your comments are welcome.

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18 comments on “Maid (or Servent) Culture
  1. Vicki says:

    I’m in favour of anything that helps the poor and needy, especially those whose wages might support the rest of their family.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a maid, rubbish collector or doctor, lawyer or Prime Minister. We are all interdependent. Balance in our lives is the important thing. Just as Black balances White OR Yin balances Yang. Respect for our fellow man is just as important. Without respect for those who serve, or those whom we serve, life sinks into negative behaviour and thought………..and from there, the end of life as we know it.

  2. Love your blog!
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  3. Here a cleaning lady makes $50 for half a day.

  4. Lisa says:


  5. to remain in him says:

    Such a nice photo. Made me to smile:)

  6. Bob Mills says:

    Sounds like a good way of helping each other out. I love your photograph. She is a very attractive woman

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