We have a saying which describes someone as straight (in social dealings with fellow human beings) as Jalebi. Jalebi is the name of a popular sweet in Pakistan as well as in several other countries.

A paste of wheat flour batter in squeezed out of a cotton bag in circular shape and deep fried in oil:


It is fried until it becomes crunchy:


It is then taken out and soaked sugar syrup. Sorry, no photo.

It is served hot and is quite popular.


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6 comments on “Jalebi
  1. I can understand why it’s popular. Yummy

  2. Mike Pratt says:

    From your description, it seems like a delicious snack. Something I would like to try one day 🙂 I like the photos!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Mike. It is a delicacy in the sense that it is only sold at special shops. Taste (sweetness and crunchy-ness) differ and only few can make it good.

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