Film…The First Love (12 images)

One fine day, my younger brother called and told me that he has found one of my old cameras. I could not wait to lay my hands on it. Finally, I got my long lost love:

DSCF9046 - bwrs

And what a piece of engineering it is. Changed batteries, cocked and fired. Worked perfectly. And what a joy to look through a full frame optical view finder.

Love never dies you know. In the mean time, I had bought three Minolta lenses to go with my new love, Fuji X-E1. And suddenly my Minolta lenses found their mother. One happy family:


A little more camera-porn:


Luckily, we still can get Fuji color film. Ran a roll, got it processed and scanned in the lab. Unfortunately, they scanned at ~4MP only. The lense I used to shoot was 58mm f/1.4 Minolta Rocker.

First shot:


A little hazy and lack of contrast can be noticed. Although, this lens works beautifully on Fuji X-E1.

So, case for a little post processing:


An, my final target would be doing B/W in film.


Having settled the work flow: Shoot-Develop-Scan-Post Process to enhance contrast and Convert to B/W, following are few more shots.

I spent, almost, the entire roll on this kid:

r001-017 - Copy

His name is Muhammad and he is super cute:

r001-022 - Copy

The Hitler look:

r001-019 - Copy

His proud mother:

r001-034 - Copy

And father:

r001-036 - Copy

They are one happy family:

r001-029 - Copyp

I hope you like this set. Do tell me what you think.

A Forte Pan B/W roll is in the camera now a days. We will see how it turns out. A friend of mine will have to develop the roll. And if I am bitten, I do have a spare bathroom.



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14 comments on “Film…The First Love (12 images)
  1. Vicki says:

    Excellent shooting, Dr_IQ.

    I can see why you had to do some PP – it definitely needed the contrast increased. Muhammad sure does look one cute little boy. Great shot where he’s sitting on the ground and you have very nice DOF. The ‘Hitler’ look is very much like an old B & W from the early 20th century – very nice effect.

  2. Congratulations Images are very nice.

  3. Mike Pratt says:

    Digital is wonderful, but you really can’t beat the look of film. Actual film, shot through a camera, not the faux film effects we see in Photoshop or other software. I still have a few rolls to shoot with my M3. After seeing those shots with the child, I think I’ll get back to that camera!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks Mike. The best I can think of is to have the film body always loaded and shoot portraits of the family members whenever I can. Digital is too convenient for general purpose photography.
      I have one Zeiss 21/4.5 lens and will eventually get a Zeiss 50/1.5 Sonnar. And then I would look for a body to go with the M mount lenses. GAS is on.

      • Mike Pratt says:

        I agree with keeping the film loaded in the camera so it’s ready to go whenever.

        As I have the 50 Planar, I highly recommend it – if you don’t mind shooting at f2 (and saving a bit of $). On the Leica M, it is wonderful.

        As for a body….maybe a Zeiss Ikon, Leica M3 or M6 for film and M9/ME/M240/MM for digital. Yeah, GAS is very dangerous!!

      • Dr_IQ says:

        Thanks Mike. I once had a set of Zeiss C/Y lenses including the Planar. All were stolen. Getting a 50mm ZM would be just because og GAS, I would go for the Sonnar, for a change. The bodies are a bit expensive right now. In future may be I go for it.

  4. Excellent post! My first camera was the Minolta X-700 and I loved that camera. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    Awesome work! Shoot film! It’s addictive!

    And Mohammed is no Hitler! He’s a cutie, and that’s a great photograph of him.

  6. vajnariosif says:

    a lot of emotions,very interesting !!

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