Street Cricket

Cricket is the most popular sports in Pakistan. One reason is that it can be played on the streets. The street cricket culture also produces lots of talent, some of them reach National level too.

Here are two kids playing:

Catch it:


Got it:


He was happy to catch the ball.


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11 comments on “Street Cricket
  1. chrisrenney says:

    Like football in Brazil. Love the image.

    • Dr_IQ says:

      True. We are as crazy about this game as rest of the football playing world is about football.

      • chrisrenney says:

        I know how much you guys love it – think you have beaten us now and then……from England.

      • Dr_IQ says:

        Ah, from England.
        I was in Cambridge in 1992, to attend a conference, during the World Cup. On the day of the final, we were listening to a paper in a large auditorium. The coordinator was running around with a small radio and listening to the commentary. Finally, he comes in the room, stops the proceedings for a while, looks at the audience, fixes his stare on me and says, ‘There is at least one person in this hall who should be very happy’. I can never forget that sweet moment.

        Thanks for liking the image.

  2. chrisrenney says:

    Lovely shot by the way!

  3. Love these pictures and the way you processed them!! I wish I could do the same!!

    • Dr_IQ says:

      Thanks. I tried to reply promptly but due to bad net connection, every time I hit post, it timed out.
      I do very basic post processing. Bit of unsharp mask, curves and contrast boost. That is basically it.

  4. Son of Sharecroppers says:

    I love these photos.

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